How To Fix A Scuffed Countertop


Countertop scuff-removing toolsA crayon, a spatula knife, and a bowl are all you need to fix a countertop scratch. Image: Liz Foreman

Just watch out for the impulse to buy more than you intended at the 99-cent store. In all honesty, we couldn’t.

First up on the home repair list: Scuff marks on countertops.

If you’ve ever had a scuff mark on a colored countertop, you know that it sadly becomes the room’s focal point. But we found the right supplies to save you any embarrassment.


  • Crayons, 99 cents
  • Spatula knife, 99 cents
  • A microwave-safe bowl, 99 cents (If you have one you’re willing to sacrifice to melt crayons, you just saved another 99 cents.)

Total: $2.97. $3.96 if you throw in a weak lemonade-type drink.

What you do:

  • Pick the Crayon whose color comes closest to matching your countertop. Peel off the paper and place it in the bowl.
  • Pop the crayon and bowl in the microwave.
  • Pour the hot, melted crayon onto the scuff mark and work it into the indentation with the spatula knife.
  • Scrape off the excess with the spatula knife.

The Crayon mixture will harden and dry quickly, erasing your countertop flaw.


Deep Cleaning Keeps Value

Deep Cleaning Keeps Value

It pays to use your elbow grease;)

Premier Service Award

Premier Service Award

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